Our story began when Dennis Probyn and his wife Pam started Howick Upholstery & Covers Ltd on 9th of May from their garage at home.


The Probyn's moved their rapidly growing business to the beautiful setting of Half Moon Bay Marina in a specifically designed & purpose built workshop where it has remained ever since.


Sadly Dennis passed away and Pam was left to manage the company with the help of her son Bryce and the dedicated HUC Team including one of the leading marine trimmers, Willie Jones.


Bryce & Willie purchased the company from Pam and the second generation began. Through the early years and with these new owners Howick Upholstery has trained some of NZ most talented Marine Trimmers.


After initial training with Marine Trimmers Greg Hills made the career advancing move to join the team at Howick Upholstery to learn from the masters of the trade. Howick Upholstery always stood at the forefront of Marine Upholstery & Trimming and this was the perfect environment for this ambitious tradesman to further his career.


Greg and his young family left NZ for the Gold Coast where he perfected his craft working with Internationally recognized Marine Trimmers. In Australia “bigger is better” seemed to be the average boat owner’s motto so Greg’s experience quickly grew whilst working on some truly impressive projects.


Meanwhile back in NZ after a long and successful career Bryce sold his half share in Howick Upholstery to friend and business partner Willie Jones.


Greg returned to NZ eager to expand on his new skills and techniques. The opportunity arises for him to purchase Howick Upholstery from Willie. At the same time HUC secured one of NZ’s top Marine Trimmers – Emma joined the workshop team and a dynamic new company began to evolve.


Things start moving quickly for the company and Greg makes the bold move of re-branding to reflect his own identity and progressive style. This was a year of huge advancement for Interiors & Coverings (INC) Greg takes on 2 young professionals from vastly different fields to add to INC’s already impressive skill set and along with the purchase of state of the art equipment INC went catapulting into the 21st Century.